HardwareTSiteSmart offers tools and software that improves communication and collaboration on complex projects bringing together multiple parties at remote locations.

• Reduces risk due to lost or delayed information

• Eliminates miscommunication and errors in trasnmission

• Expands available tools to enable all members of the development, design, or building group

• Encourages two way flow of viatal information to eliminate errors before they get built

• Accurately conveys the current project status to all members of the group including feedback from the field

• Provides wide assortment of management tools for enhanced communication and collaboration


SiteSmart systems expand the reach of the Internet and shared information into the field for all types of files, from simple .PDF reports to complex BIM drawings, SiteSmart works as a conduit for the complete range of project information. Our systems offer access to instructional manuals, product info, as-builts, current drawings sets, meeting minutes, test reports etc., so that fast and accurate information can be obtained by installers to ensure a project or product is correctly installed the first time. SiteSmart enables the field or office to connect with subcontractors and vendors and share large format drawings, comment on them and, most importantly, build with them in confidence. Sketches can be shared immediately and modifications applied at lightning speed eliminating confusion and delay.
Our digital plan boards come in either a case or as a cart. The equipment is mobile and designed to easy to move around the job site.. Each system is a custom portable case containing a high definition color LED monitor with a 178 degree viewing angle, linked to a laptop computer or Tablet with a Wi-Fi or Broadband card access to the Internet. The system connects to the users own network, FTP or our My Smart Plans plus any software or standalone program the user requires.


• Owners needing immediate and accurate access to project information
• Architects needing tools to communicate in realtime with an extended group
• Contractors needing a secure document manager for huge amounts of information and drawings
• Lenders and Developers needing a method to present plans and schedules to an extensive list
• Construction Managers needing a way to distribute a vast array of information to multiple groups
• Facilities Managers needing an accurate way to store and distribute information on multiple buildings

SiteSmart programs permit access to the full range of project information so that Owners and Designers are permitted to collaborate throughout the full project duration and not just during the design period. The Owner can see progress and understand the complexity of their project. If the Owner must be consulted on a specific issue they can visit the site through SiteSmart systems without the need to travel improving response time for everyone and reducing the risk of an inappropriate decision. A Designer can correspond quickly to questions during the design phase to complex consultant’s questions while needing input from suppliers or fabricators on drawings or calculations. The design team can note the progress of the project while considering potential changes without placing an unknowing burden on the budget with out of sequence work.


is the solution for field and on-site communication permitting a vast amount of information to be transmitted directly to the final users. Mobile One is designed for traveling between multiple sites where a user needs access to multiple plan sets. The custom case includes electrical connections, surge protection for both the monitor and laptop through a simple side port . It is constructed to withstand air travel, freight and normal field weather conditions. The 27 inch screen permits viewing of half-size drawings without reduction or scaling allowing a larger viewing area and less scrolling. Mobile One can be configured with the client’s existing laptop computers.


incorporates touch screen technology with an integral computer utilizing wireless technology eliminating the need for a separate laptop. The 32” screen gives a larger viewing area for clearer detail on complex drawings over multiple pages. The computer is designed for fast, real time communication with large documents and files. The custom case protects the equipment from on-site rough treatment. The computer and screen are commercial grade construction requiring only an electrical connection for operation.


provides a dynamic 46” monitor in a custom case delivering a full size 24”x 36” electronic drawing to any remote location. This size allows direct viewing at full scale of the standard size D drawing employed by most all industries. There is no need to zoom or reduce to see a full sheet or detail. No special software is required. Plans, sections, details and notes are right at your fingertips without loss of scale or clarity. The custom case protects the monitor and computer and can be modified to fit special job site needs. Equipped with full extension trays for laptop and keyboard, the Mobile Monster is designed to be a digital interface/ mobile office for the job site. No need for the old fashion wooden plan table covered with tons of outdated paper prints. Mobile One can be configured with the client’s current laptop computers. Base Model includes 5”Wheels, laptop & keyboard trays, surge protector, locking latches and C19/20 plug and receptor.


• Custom monitor sizes up to 66 inches are available to match the requirements of the project information stream
• Wide range of optional computer systems are available to meet the needs of your network
• Custom case modifications are available for any project
• Wheel Options for differing site conditions
• Touch screens available in all sizes
• Battery system with charger and converter for remote locations
• DelJack equipment tracking and thief recovery system and monitoring
• Forklift Receivers
• Web Camera with high definition camera for use with video conferencing including Skype and Cisco System’s “Go To Meeting”
• Additional mounting systems for computers, monitors and equipment are available
• Additional secure storage devices and printing options can be matched to the project‘s particular requirements

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