SiteSmart tools and systems offer improved communication at a very affordable price. We understand in today’s market that adding technology has to be weighed against your current systems and methods. Our Mobile Units are not based on proprietary software but permit robust access by users in the field on our standard equipment that can be applied on unlimited projects around the world.

SiteSmart offers a wide range of standard products with options tailored to match the tools to the job maximizing the utility for those that use it and not just those who chose it. We offer the equipment on a lease basis with terms and durations that can be tailored to the specific project making the charges a “job cost” and not necessarily an asset purchase. This concept permits the return of the equipment to SiteSmart at the end of the project ensuring that obsolete equipment isn’t kept in your inventory past its prime usefulness only to disappear when the projects move on.

SiteSmart offers the following tools:

Mobile One is a basic system of a 27” monitor in a custom travel case with room for a detachable laptop computer including a wireless broadband connection. Lease prices range from $150 to $450 per month for 12 months.

Mobile Two is a 32” touchscreen with an integral computer including a wireless broadband connection in a custom travel case. Lease prices range from $250 to $650 per month for 12 months.

Mobile Monster is a 46” touchscreen monitor in a hardened tool box for field or office use. The system includes a broadband connection. Lease prices range from $350 to $750 per month for 12 months.

My Smart Plans is priced on project size and is also a “project cost” to make it a true project tool and not an overhead burden. Pricing is based on project size and complexity with options for alternate modules. Unlimited users makes universal application simple and economical for all projects.

SiteSmart can provide a focused program to make your existing overall project management system successfully apply to the specific project you have in mind. The hardware and software can be easily customized to fill your needs for any type of project or structure. Custom dashboards and electronic equipment can be tailored to your existing systems and information stream.

Please consult us for firm quotes on all tools and software. Packages for multiple sets and combinations of software and equipment are available for all projects and users. Split invoicing for individual users is also available. We will provide a custom proposal for all projects at your request. Leases are available as a project cost with durations set to match the project timelines. Purchase prices can be quoted for specific equipment.


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