MySmartPlans is a web based Dashboard software system dedicated to streamlining the document management and information flow of any project, small or large regardless of complexity on multiple sites or phases. The system allows all members of the team to collaborate in real-time while eliminating the use of paper for the transfer of information. The ease of use makes communication at all levels simple and fast.

MySmartPlans is a desktop project information management tool wth revolutionary capabilities to help accelerate every step of the construction lifecycle, for every member of your construction team. Unlike planrooms, MySmartPlans integrates with your existing tools, simplifying document management, facilitating information sharing and coordinating project changes from start to finish. Installed directly onto your PC, all of your plans specs, and construction documents, photos and videos are securely managed, indexed and bookmarked for easy access. Every time information is added or updated, the information is "pushed" out to all participants via the MySmartPlans Dashboard.

                 Learn about MySmartPlans unique features for construction lifecycle by downloading MySmartPlans Overview Brochure

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Why Use MySmartPlans

• Icon driven Dashboard
• Project cost savings
• Reduced printing costs
• Direct Project Cost, Lowered overhead
• Limits risk of having inaccurate information
• Speeds distribution of information across the entire Team
• Immediate and accurate access to project information
• Remote access from anywhere in the world
• Monitor progress on the site from anywhere
• Understand project issues and complexity


Owners needing immediate access to project information

• Remote access from anywhere in the world
• Monitor progress with project summary analysis charts
• Understand project issues and complexity
• Follow and comment on all aspects of the project

Architects needing tools to communicate in real time with an extended group

• Adobe PDF based system for high quality, searchable documents
• Drawings are easily uploaded and logged. Delivery tracking is available
• Easily share and track submittals, meeting minutes, and job info

Contractors needing a secure document manager for large amounts of information and drawings specific to a project

• Share progress; create a detailed record of the job and environmental conditions.
• Complete job record for turnover at closeout.
• Subcontractor qualifying, tracking and reporting
• Distribute a vast array of information to multiple groups
• One stop project tracking for all levels of the organization
• Easily communicate information about multi site projects
• Customizable Project dashboard designed with your needs in mind
• Reduce risk with no late or inaccurate information

Lenders and Developers needing a method to present information to an extensive list

• Track progress in real time
• Review changes as they are purposed and discussed
• Track Subcontractor/Contractor compliance issues and reporting

Facilities Managers needing an accurate way to store and distribute information on multiple buildings with easy access to as-builts, O&M Manuals and Warranty information.

All projects accessible through one portal with one secure application on a customizable dashboard designed with your specific needs in mind.

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