With SiteSmart, real time communication improvements are now extended into the field, as well as the office, to improve the process and schedule for all projects, regardless of complexity or budget. Your staffs will enjoy direct access to current information including all modifications and changes at any point in the process permitting feedback from those who will complete the final project. This enables a streamlined approach to design build or conventional construction or virtually any development construction or manufacturing processes.

SiteSmart offers tools and software that improves communication and collaboration on complex projects bringing together multiple parties at remote locations.

• Improves communication and the flow of information to the field

• Eliminates miscommunication and errors in transmission

• Expands available tools to empower all members of the development, design, or building group

• Encourages two way flow of vital information to eliminate and mitigate errors before they get built

• Accurately conveys the current project status to all members of the group including feedback from the field

• Provides wide assortment of management tools for enhanced communication and collaboration

• Reduces risk by eliminating delayed or inaccurate information

SiteSmart products and services permit access to the full range of project information so that Owners and Designers are permitted to collaborate throughout the full project duration and not just during the design period. The Owner can see progress and understand the complexity of their project. If the Owner must be consulted on a specific issue they can visit the site through SiteSmart systems without the need to travel. This improves response time for everyone , while reducing the risk of an inappropriate decision. A Designer can correspond quickly to questions during the design phase to complex consultant’s questions while needing input from suppliers or fabricators on drawings or calculations. The design team can note the progress of the project while considering potential changes without placing an unknowing burden on the budget with out of sequence work.

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